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Telkom operates 2 strategic PoPs in Bucharest (RO) and Tokyo (JP)

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IP Transit

Reliability, low latency and high performance are the defining features of our IP transit services delivered over our proprietary high-speed fiber backbone on carrier-grade Juniper routers.

DWDM Waves

Traditional point-to-point leased lines between sites are expensive and require long lead times. DWDM fiber can be installed, tested and configured in days, not months.

Wholesale Traffic

Connect locally and start whitelabel with Telkom. Conquer the local markets of European and Asian countries without investing in equipment.

Broadband Business

Get your business connected between the supercontinent that is Eurasia. Start serving traffic to your European or Asian customers without breaking a sweat.

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Network Operations Center

Our NOC team will assist 24/7 in deployment, service inquires, and ongoing outages.

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